There’s The Steeple… Here’s The Church (Paperback)

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The church is so much more than we let it be. It is not a denomination, or a worship style, or a carefully planned array of programs. Jesus did not intend for his Bride to be so limited. The church is not defined by what we do, but who we are. We are the living body of Christ to the world. His hands and his feet. He says let your light shine before me. And for so long, all we have done is let it shine inside of our nice buildings on Sunday mornings.

Every bit of our lives is worship to our Father. When we are in Christ, we never cease to be part of the church. Not when we step out of the doors after a worship service, and not even when we don’t enter the worship service in the first place.

You will most likely be challenged by some of what you read here. It is not my intention to change anyone’s mind. I am not out to start a revolution. I am grateful for the people who have shared their thoughts and their journey through books and websites before me, and I am thankful that I can do the same. We are in this together, and certainly each of us has a journey to share.

I am grateful you have chosen to read this book. I do pray, even as I type, that God will reveal his deep, deep love for you as you read these words. I pray that our eyes will be opened to the fullness of life he has for us, and how we together as the church can realize that life even more than we are now. I pray for wisdom and open ears to hear what our Father might be saying to you, through what he has been saying to me.

May you know him more. His Grace and His Truth.

And may our Groom continue to reveal to us the passionate love he has for his Bride, The Church.

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