Life In The Rearview Mirror (Paperback)


Life is meant to be lived Books communicate ideas, yes, but they are more than that. The book you are holding, along with Greg's previous writing (A Journey Shared, 2005), invites you on a journey. It's the life he has lived over the past year or so-shared. It's the ups and the downs, not compressed into scholarly jargon, but hopefully fresh and real, and like a conversation at the corner cafe. There are some deep things in this book, and some more light-hearted. Subjects ranging from the character of God (love, grace, mercy), to life with small kids, to divorce and blended families, to death, taxes, and a whole section on money. But all of it is an invitation to think along with the author, to travel together on the path trod over the past twelve months. The book does not assume to present all the answers to the questions posed. Certainly not. But Greg has pondered the side things, and invites you to do that with him.

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