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Intimate acoustic, and blow-the-speakers rock. Guitars, pianos, drums, bass, and vocal harmonies. Lyrics that deal with doubt, hurt, pain, and deep trust in a loving Father through all of that.

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One of my favorite parts of this album is the span of years represented by the songs we chose. One or two of these songs was written in 1995. Two decades of life has passed since then. So much life, so much different. But the message of the song still applies. Still encourages, uplifts. (And one of those is musically complex and fascinating, too! That one is called, Control.)

Some songs were written/finished in 2014, when we first started putting the whole collection together. And still, the theme is consistent. Hope. Definitely this album reminds its listener that we have hope.

A Brand New Smile echoes the line from a man talking with Jesus, “Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief”. No Reason follows the theme of Ecclesiastes, “Everything is meaningless!”, while This Journey reminds us to not miss the moments in life. Enjoy the treasures along the way! Beautifully Stained blends the good with the bad, seeing how stains can be seen as damaging, or drawing out beauty. “Life fully lived is beautifully stained.”


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