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NEW! Even More (pre-order!) - 2015
Coming late-summer of 2015, the first new album by 'basic' in over a decade! Songs you may have heard performed at a live event, and some you may not have heard. Thirteen tracks in all. The title, "Even More", is from the song by that name, wanting to know and trust God even more, and is dually significant as this release come so long after the previous recordings—even more! Your pre-order helps to fund the recording! $10 digital download, $20 for a CD (includes shipping) or you can even make a larger donation using the box below.

ALL FUNDS (from all sales here) go directly toward the making of this album.

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PCTC 2005 - Live at The Forum (EP) - 2005
LIVE RECORDING of guitar-driven, acoustic rock. Lots of great electric guitar. Tight vocal harmonies. This is an abbreviated version of the album we released March 2005 following a live recording of the worship sessions at the PCTC (Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention) in Harrisburg, PA.
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God Came - The Christmas Album - 2004
A Christmas album featuring familiar holiday favorites, but with a twist. Chock full of powerful rhythm acoustic and electric guitar rock, great vocal harmonies, and just plain fun! Will quickly become one of your favorite Christmas albums! (And not just for December...)
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God Came
Come As You Are - 2002
Acoustic-based, thought-provoking lyrics with tight harmonies supported by a variety of instruments that are at once relaxing and fun, edgy and contemplative. The theme woven consistently throughout is the amazing depth of God's love and grace and mercy for us, and his invitation to come .... as we are.

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Come As You Are
Lord, Hear My Voice - A Worship Album - 2000
A collection of 13 easy to sing original worship songs. From upbeat rock to pensive acoustic piano.

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Lord, Hear My Voice
Another Road Trip - 1996
Our first album! Recorded in 1995, released in 1996, it contains 11 original tracks, with the original basic band! Greg & Tara Campbell, Matt Carswell, Todd Earnst and Bryce Davis.
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Another Road Trip
The Adventures of Phillip Mouse - 2015

Greg's first work of fiction is a children's novel, written for kids ages nine to twelve. The story is fun and entertaining enough for younger readers, but written to challenge the minds (and vocabularies) of those on the older side of that range. The book came into existence after Phillip became the hero of a series of stories told to the youngest Campbell children over a period of a few weeks. They loved it, and we hope you do, too.

From the back cover...

Phillip's curiosity has gotten him into a few scrapes before, but what started as any other day in the Meadow, became one of the most extraordinary adventures anyone has ever known! Peril, surprise, friendship, betrayal, and more await Phillip—and you!—inside this book. Come along for the adventure!

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There's The Steeple... Here's The Church! - 2006

Over the past five years of our journey, my wife and I have discovered that the church is so much more than we let it be. It is not a denomination, or a worship style, or a carefully planned array of programs. Jesus did not intend for his Bride to be so limited. The church is not defined by what we do, but who we are. We are the living body of Christ to the world. His hands and his feet. He says let your light shine before me. And for so long, all we have done is let it shine inside of our nice buildings on Sunday mornings.

Every bit of our lives is worship to our Father. When we are in Christ, we never cease to be part of the church. Not when we step out of the doors after a worship service, and not even when we don't enter the worship service in the first place.

You will most likely be challenged by some of what you read here. It is not my intention to change anyone's mind. I am not out to start a revolution. I am grateful for the people who have shared their thoughts and their journey through books and websites before me, and I am thankful that I can do the same. We are in this together, and certainly each of us has a journey to share.

I am grateful you have chosen to read this book. I do pray, even as I type, that God will reveal his deep, deep love for you as you read these words. I pray that our eyes will be opened to the fullness of life he has for us, and how we together as the church can realize that life even more than we are now. I pray for wisdom and open ears to hear what our Father might be saying to you, through what he has been saying to me.

May you know him more. His Grace and His Truth.

And may our Groom continue to reveal to us the passionate love he has for his Bride, The Church.

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